Zyban –medical product #1 against smoking

zybZyban is a medical product in the form of 150 mg prolonged release film-coated tabs containing bupropion hydrochloride.
Zyban tabs are aimed at treating smoking habit and help to be abstinent from smoking and using nicotine. This medicine gives a real support to patients who experience dependency from nicotine.
Prescribers of Zyban recommend it to patients who have strictly decided to quit smoking. For such people there are certain guidelines, which can help them to stay motivated and succeed in giving up this habit.
Zyban therapy will be more successful in people who are self-motivated and have a great desire to stop smoking.
The medicine Zyban is used by mouth. The tab is swallowed whole without chewing.zyba
The usual time of treatment is approximately 7-9 weeks.
Zyban treatment is advised to start while the person is still smoking. A person should set a date of complete stop within the first two weeks of treatment.
A patient should start with one tab 150 mg a day for the first 6 days then the dose is increased up to 2 tabs 150 mg a day. It is recommended to make a gap of 8 hours between two tabs.
zybanGenerally it is recommended not to use more than 300 mg (2 tabs) of Zyban per day. Some patients may experience lack of sleep or problems to fall asleep while on Zyban. If such condition happens, the dose of Zyban should not be taken just before going to bed.
Certain groups of patients, including older patients and those who have kidney or liver problems, should have a doctor’s consultation before starting the treatment with Zyban.
Zyban medicine is accepted by doctors and patients as a very effective medicine for quitting smoking and reducing the desire to start smoking again.

Zyban – effective method of quitting smoking

The dangers of smoking and using any form of nicotine are well-known to every one of us. Thus many of smokers wish to quit this bad wont. smoker

You know that life-threatening health conditions and disorders are proven to be linked to smoking of cigarettes and using any kind of nicotine. These conditions are lung cancer, cancer of the bladder and pancreatic cancer, head and neck cancer, autoimmune conditions, premature death.

lungOther effects of smoking include: heart health risks, lung problems, thinning of the skin and breath problems, oral cavity problems, serious bronchitis, and negative effect on the overall appearance.

Smoking cessation helps to improve general health and lower the risk of many health conditions related to smoking. But to stop smoking is not an easy thing to do. Those who seek an effective treatment should pay attention to the medicine called Zyban.

This medicine is approved by the FDA and is prescribed by medical professionals of many countries for quitting smoking. In such countries as Australia and the UK Zyban is the only approved and authorized medicine for smoking cessation.zyban

Along with other treatments used for smoking Zyban is most preferable and is chosen as a first line therapy for patients who decide to stop the habit of reducing their health and days of life.

Zyban medicine is anti-smoking agent, an antidepressant which assists in coping with smoking withdrawal symptoms.
Smoking cessation with Zyban is comfortable and effective as it reduces the great cravings for smoking.

The main component is Zyban is bupropion which was tested during clinical trials and proven to be safe and efficacious.
This medicine acts to gradually help a person not to consume nicotine. It stimulates the messengers in the brain which are responsible for reduction of the smoking urge in persons who smoke.

calendarA usual treatment course with Zyban lasts for 7-12 weeks, with the patient staying away from smoking about a week when the treatment starts. According to the clinical trials Zyban doubles the chances of complete smoking cessation. Besides, it was observed that previous smokers, who have undergone the treatment with Zyban, one year after have an increased chance of keeping the result.quitting

With the effective Zyban one should remember that the great wish and efforts and diligence on the way to drop the butt can lead to success. Stop slow poisoning of your health or health or your relatives or friends, start the new life without smoking.

What side effects can I expect from Zyban treatment?

Zyban like any other serious medicine may cause side effects. It does not mean that they will necessarily occur in you. Still forewarned is forearmed. If you decide to stop smoking with this medicine you should know about its possible side effects. The side events related to Zyban use are rare, denoting that only small number of people actually have them.zyban

Some of the side effects associated with Zyban treatment are serious and a person taking this medicine should know what to do in case of emergency. The serious side effects include: serious allergic reactions, serious mood or behavior changes, panic attacks, hyperactivity, depression, increase anxiety. Some of the mentioned side effectof Zyban are related to its antidepressant nature.

zLess serious side effects which are possible with this medicine are:

• Stomach upset,
• Mild nausea,
• Mild headache,
• Dizziness,
• Muscle pain,
• Weight loss or gain and some others.

Serious side effects caused by Zyban should be immediately reported to a doctor.

Generic Zyban

Generic medicine is actually a pharmaceutical product created under the different name, promoted in the market after the patent of the brand medicine expires.generic

As generics use the same active ingredient, there is no need for research or patent expense. So, generics are manufactured with fewer expenses than the brands and the price for generics is much lower.

The market of medical products offers today a variety of generic medicines having the original brand with the expired patent. Generics are perfect in quality and cheap in price. Besides, lots of generics can be bought online without prescription.

Generic Zyban is one of the medicines produced as a copy and which contains the substance called Bupropion as a main component.

generic1Though, indication and action mechanism of generic Zyban is the same, its price makes it definitely distinct and more affordable for patients.

The packaging of generic medicines and the way the medicines look like may differ with the original. Still the active ingredient and effects are the same. Generic medicines produced legally and under standards of good manufacturing practice, are very effective and in no way inferior to brand.

Substantially, cheaper and easy availability of generic medicines like Zyban to common people is the great idea of making effective and high-quality drugs affordable for all. The demand for generics is great not only because of the price, but also due to the availability and perfect quality of such medicines.quit smoking

The question of drugs safety is very important for the customers who buy generic medicines. It is wise to choose the medicines produced by reliable manufacturers. Those people, who buy generic Zyban online, should know that ordering from suspicious sites or sites which they cannot fully trust, may result in buying and taking fakes. Fake drugs are very dangerous for one’s health, its use can lead to great risks and side effects.

The companies which manufacture generic drugs have to prove that their medical products are safe and effective. Even if the medicines with generic names contain the same active components, they are required to undergo special trials. So, generics proven to be effective and safe, enter the market easily and win the popularity among common people.

6Zyban generic version provides a vital support to people who really want to cease smoking habit. It treats mood changes related to cigarette smoking discontinuation and increases the chances for people to prevent further smoking.

Due to the presence of Bupropion, Zyban improves the general state in patients, reduces the desire to smoke, agitation, depression related to nicotine abstinence and increases the desire to stop.

How to use Zyban properly

Before taking this medication for smoking cessation, consult your doctor. Follow your doctor’s general recommendations on how to use this medication.proper use

Take your dose of Zyban. The large dose of this medication may cause seizures.

The sustained-release or extended-release tablets are swallowed wholly. If necessary this medication can be taken with food.

When you start using Zyban it is possible to smoke for 1 week. The second week of treatment should be started with the smoking cessation. Zyban is considered effective if a patient can quit smoking after at least 7 weeks of treatment.

5Sometimes doctors advise using nicotine patches or nicotine gum to relieve patients with smoking cessation. Still smoking cigarettes is not allowed when you use Zyban. Smoking can cause serious side effects.

Patients, who experience insomnia linked to Zyban consumption, should take medication no later than 6 p.m.
Zyban should not be stopped (discontinued) abruptly. The gradual reduction in the dose is recommended even in patients who experience withdrawal symptoms.

Zyban should be stored at room temperature away from moisture and heat. Keep away from pets and children.

Anti-smoking Program and Zyban Treatment

The attempt to keep away from cigarette smoking should be supported by any available method which can help people believe in their opposition to smoking and motivate them abstain from using nicotine in any form.1

The initiative of a smoker to hold back from lighting up a cigarette should be okayed by all of his/her friends and family. This is the only way to quit smoking for good.

Medical assistance to people who want to quit smoking can be offered by doctors or psychotherapists. The guidance and support of such professionals is very important for smokers because they need accurate and most secure methods of getting rid of this habit.

2The moral support is great, but it is not enough for a person who suffers from cravings to start smoking again. Non-smoking atmosphere or non-smoking environment at home and at work, in the office give more chances to people refrain from fuming.

The encouragement of people who want to stop smoking should be considered as an integral part of the anti-smoking program. Not only medicines or patches use is necessary, it is important to understand how terrible and hard it is to quit.3

Today with special programs and such medicines as Zyban millions of smokers can put out the cigarette and say they can be free from smoking and its dangers.

As non-smoking life becomes more popular today, people try to find the ways to stop this habit. One of the very effective treatments, which the medical science can offer, is Bupropion, a medicine used to assist people in ceasing smoking.

4This medicine has been showing splendid results in aiding in smoking cessation to people who need special care and support. The anti-smoking properties of this medicine are observed in its ability to help people overcome the desire to smoke.

The use of Zyban should be accompanied with:
• Behavioral techniques
• Counseling
• Unflinching determination to quit smoking

Doctors believe that the above program with Zyban treatment will be useful for patients and provide them with greater chances to quit and decrease the risk of relapsing.

Patients who have tried this medicine say that it gives them more abilities to resist and they can keep away from smoking easily. Before the treatment one should consult a doctor and ask him/her for approval.

Zyban is magic!

90My brother has been on Zyban for 3 days and his urges are way down. This drug is a very strange feeling. He still fight triggers like post eating and coffee but even when he tried to smoke it tasted very strange and made him feel a little dizzy. To these days no cigarettes since ’97.

Zyban reviews

I smoked all my previous life and it was a terrible habit necessary to get rid of. One day I felt that I need to stop. But it was not easy for me to choose among the methods to quit.

zFirst I chewed the gum, the effects was only when I chewed it. Then I tried patches and they worked. After I took my last patch away, I violated the agreement with myself and lighted up. I felt ashamed and began again my efforts to quit. I used hypnosis and it helped somehow to control myself.

But what I want to say to all of you, who smoke and cannot quit, is to use Zyban. This is the only medicine which really helped me. I took the first pill in August 2015. First there were cravings, then I felt free from them and any desire to smoke. I was absolutely clean and eventually can say I don’t smoke today and don’t want to start. Thanks this medicine. Stevezy

Started course of Zyban several months ago. Had no side effects and no desire to start smoking again. And this is amazing cause I was a heavy smoker with long years of damaging my organism. Now I don’t smoke and have no desire to begin even in a company or when I drink alcohol. Recommend Zyban to all. Martha

zybZyban is an actual helper for me. I was trying to cease several times and all of them were failures. Then I tried Zyban and it was a success. Now I’m among non-smokers and very proud of it. George

Never smoke again. I can swear it! I used Zyban first time in October 2014 and since then I have not smoked. And what is more important for me, I don’t want to. I work with people who smoke and have smoke breaks. I don’t go with them as before. I think that Zyban has saved me from the cancer risk and other unpleasant things. Samuel

I used Zyban to stop smoking. It helped! I had previously smoked 1pack a day for about 23 years and had constant cough. When I used this medicine I felt a little bit dizzy and sometimes sick. But it was worth doing it. I have never smoked since and think this is my second birthday when I quitted it. Johannazyban

I was recommended Zyban by my doctor who said that this drug was helpful in ceasing smoking. I did not believe it would help. I read an instruction and followed it. I tried to be calm and purposeful. I used it one pill for the first few days of the treatment, then I used 2 pills per day. I felt fatigued and was sleepy. The result was very good for me. I don’t buy cigarettes and don’t want to smoke even if others smoke. I simply go away to resist temptation which sometimes occurs. Unnamed