Zyban –medical product #1 against smoking

zybZyban is a medical product in the form of 150 mg prolonged release film-coated tabs containing bupropion hydrochloride.
Zyban tabs are aimed at treating smoking habit and help to be abstinent from smoking and using nicotine. This medicine gives a real support to patients who experience dependency from nicotine.
Prescribers of Zyban recommend it to patients who have strictly decided to quit smoking. For such people there are certain guidelines, which can help them to stay motivated and succeed in giving up this habit.
Zyban therapy will be more successful in people who are self-motivated and have a great desire to stop smoking.
The medicine Zyban is used by mouth. The tab is swallowed whole without chewing.zyba
The usual time of treatment is approximately 7-9 weeks.
Zyban treatment is advised to start while the person is still smoking. A person should set a date of complete stop within the first two weeks of treatment.
A patient should start with one tab 150 mg a day for the first 6 days then the dose is increased up to 2 tabs 150 mg a day. It is recommended to make a gap of 8 hours between two tabs.
zybanGenerally it is recommended not to use more than 300 mg (2 tabs) of Zyban per day. Some patients may experience lack of sleep or problems to fall asleep while on Zyban. If such condition happens, the dose of Zyban should not be taken just before going to bed.
Certain groups of patients, including older patients and those who have kidney or liver problems, should have a doctor’s consultation before starting the treatment with Zyban.
Zyban medicine is accepted by doctors and patients as a very effective medicine for quitting smoking and reducing the desire to start smoking again.

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